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No Obligation 90 Day Access to CivicReady

When Every Second Counts, Be CivicReady

CivicReady can make your emergency and routine communications to your citizens easier and make your community safer. 

Learn about CivicReady features such as:

  • Integration with IPAWS
  • Geo-targeted notifications via ESRI mapping
  • Unlimited quick launch notification templates
  • Two-way communications

CivicReady is a complete mass communication solution for local governments. Download the product brochure to learn more.

As the world grapples with making decisions about coronavirus (COVID-19) mitigation and containment, we understand that local leaders need access to every possible communication channel to distribute news, information, instructions, and closings to citizens and travelers as the situation rapidly evolves.

To assist with these efforts, we are offering 90-day risk-free access to our CivicReady® mass notification software, at-cost, implemented in as little as three business days. To ensure an expedited process, we promise:


  • Your system will come pre-loaded with a list of your citizens’ contact information so you can start using it immediately—no time-consuming list management needed by you or your staff.


  • If, after your initial period of use, you would like to cancel your access, you may do so at no cost; during this time, we will delay invoicing.


CivicReady provides text, email, phone call, and mobile app messaging functionality in over 60 languages and integrates with the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) and social media channels for additional reach capabilities.

To get started, click "Get More Information" and our solution experts will contact you to discuss configuration needs and timing.

As always, we remain committed to helping you protect and serve your community.